| 5 Ways To Deal With Acne Flare Ups This Summer

by Alexandra Lozovschi from

"It's no secret that acne tends to get worse in summer, and there are several reasons why.

"Heat and humidity cause increased sweat and oil production in the skin leading to clogged pores and increased breakouts,” New York City-based cosmetic dermatologist Morgan Rabach tells Aedit.

Using the wrong sunscreen is another reason why people with acne-prone skin experience flare-ups during the hot summer months. According to the California Skin Institute, "heavy, oily sunscreens can irritate your skin and trap oils on the skin’s surface," becoming comedogenic -- aka, clogging your pores and causing pimples.

Now that you know summer acne is a thing, here's how to deal with this seasonal beauty woe." has got 5 hot tips for your skin care! Be sure to track what you're trying in your Trigger Tracker Journal so you know what tips or which sunscreen work for you, and which don't. And keep ya' hot bod summer goin all summer long! < sizzle! >

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