Well+Good.com | 6 Foods and Drinks That Can Trigger Rosacea Flare Ups

by Brenna Holland from Well+Good.com.

"Like other inflammatory conditions, certain foods can make symptoms of rosacea, which include flushing, textural changes to the skin, swelling, broken capillaries, and watery eyes, to become worse.

Here, Rachel Maiman, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist who helps her patients tailor their diets to limit skin reactions, breaks down the foods most likely to trigger rosacea flare ups and how best to avoid them.

That's not to say that you, personally, will have an adverse reaction to everything on this list. “As is almost always the case in medicine, no one patient is the same, and so assessment of one’s triggers is a case-by-case necessity," says Dr. Maiman. "Just because chocolate triggers a rosacea flare in one patient does not mean that it will trigger flares in another."

Let me reiterate: NO ONE PATIENT IS THE SAME. Since inflammatory triggers are a case-by-case necessity, it is so important to use your Trigger Tracker Journal to track what you eat and whether you flare up (or not) so you know what works for your body. 

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