| 7 Tips for Dealing with Erythema Nodosum If You Have IBD

By Jenna Farmer from

"When we think about inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), we often focus on the intestinal symptoms it can cause, like pain, diarrhea, and bleeding with bowel movements.

However, IBD often causes symptoms beyond the digestive system. Studies estimate up to 36 percent of people with IBD will experience at least one extra-intestinal manifestation (EIM).

In my experience, one of the most frustrating aspects of EIMs, particularly in the case of skin issues, is trying to get an accurate diagnosis."

What is erythema nodosum? -->

Raise your hand if you knew inflammatory bowel disease and a skin condition could be linked? We didn't. (Remember, we're not doctors!) But this is a great use case for why we think you need to track multiple symptoms in one place using The Symptoms Log. Where you highlight your frequency, your doctor should be the one pointing out connections like these. 

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