Bustle.com | Why Does Caffeine Make Me Feel Stressed?

By JR Thorpe from Bustle.com.

"Although caffeine is considered safe for consumption, it can pose a problem for many reasons,” Dr. Seema Sarin M.D., director of lifestyle medicine at EHE Health, tells Bustle. “In moderation, caffeine is fine, but in excess, it can cause health complications such as anxiety and insomnia.”

See how caffeine affects your stress levels --> 

Could caffeine be your trigger? If that's a possibility, try making it your first prime suspect in The Trigger Tracker investigation. We know; it's hard. We've tried. Our tip: We cut it out on a three day weekend where we had a few days to sleep in and take naps when needed. I drink hot water as a substitute and, when the work week came back around, my husband cheats -- I mean, he sneaks sips of tea. 

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