Hackensack Meridian Health | Signs Your Diverticulitis Could Be in a Flare-Up

By Steven Koerner, D.O., FACOI from hackensackmeridianhealth.org

For people who have felt the steady, sharp abdominal pain of a diverticulitis attack, another flare-up is not something that you’d want to experience again, although it may happen: More than half of people who experience diverticulitis once are likely to have another flare-up.

Diverticulitis is the name for the condition caused by inflammation or infection of the diverticula, which are small, bulging pouches that sometimes develop in weak spots along the wall of someone’s colon or large intestines.

Read about the symptoms, treatments, and how to lower your risk of flare ups -->

So many conditions are caused by inflammation and, for some, inflammation can be mitigated with your diet. See our past blogs about signs of inflammation and the anti-inflammatory diet recommendations. We want you to not experience what sounds extremely painful condition. Check your Symptoms Log to see if you have the symptoms listed in the article: abdominal pain in the lower left side, nausea/vomiting, fever/chills,... All of these can mean many things so show your doctor your Symptoms Log and be prepared with your notes and these tips at your appointment.

If your doctor confirms Diverticulitis, the article has some recommendation for trigger foods that you can avoid to prevent flare up. The Trigger Tracker journal helps you track what you eat so you can see which foods you can and cannot eat.

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