Psychology Today | Escaping the Abyss of Chronic Pain

By David Hanscom MD from

"I decided that I was tired of trying to fix my pain, and I would move on, regardless of how much pain I was in. The mental pain was the worst part of the ordeal. I was obsessed with finding a way out of all of my misery and spent a reasonable amount of time reading books, trying new treatments, discussing problems with anyone who would listen, and actively engaging in counseling. I was a self-described epiphany addict. I was looking for the one answer to my pain."

If you find yourself on our blog but not clicking on the articles, this article is definitely a not-to-miss. It offers a raw, emotional, and honest description of the chronic pain experience and ever so eloquently describes his journey to recovery with tips, strategies, advice along the way. He makes connections between journaling for anxiety, sleep and anger, mindset and mindfulness. For me, I definitely could relate and hope it helps you get closer to breaking free from the grip of chronic pain.

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