| Should You Take a Food Sensitivity Test?

By Jennifer Benjamin from

"With all the health and diet content filling up your social media feeds, you may have noticed ads for at-home food sensitivity tests like Everlywell or Pinnertest, which claim to help identify underlying food intolerances in individuals. Dig deeper and you'll find testimonials from people who learned that almonds were causing their stomach pains or dairy was creating their skin issues. But are these test kits legitimate—and should you try one, too? Here's everything to know before diving in and ordering a test yourself." Read more...

If you're considering an allergy test, you might also want to consider The Trigger Tracker Journal. It was made for an 8yo little girl to investigate her extreme eczema flare up, practice the scientific method and collect data on her food and activities to solve the mystery. Not as easy as an allergy test; consider it an independent study.

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