Well+Good | Niacin for healthy skin, hair, and digestion

By Elsie Yang from wellandgood.com

Niacin is vitamin B-3, a vitamin "that your body makes and uses to convert food into energy. Niacin is much more than a fuel converter—in fact, it’s one of those brilliant vitamins that not only helps with your inner regulation, but also your outer appearance. It's key to glowing skin and your luxurious locks of hair, in addition to helping to keep your nervous and digestive system on track."

Here Are 9 Top Food Sources of It

Sometimes with the ups and downs a chronic conditions, it can feel like you are always playing defense. Here is a tip to put you on the offense! (Like that football lingo?) Get the Trigger Tracker Journal track your food and your skin, hair, or digestion... maybe vitamins like niacin can help you see some positive changes.

And if you read the whole article... the food sources make for a perfect taco night!

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