Parade | Kristin Chenoweth Gets Real About Chronic Pain + Advice

By Nicole Pajer from

"With chronic pain, there are going to be days when depression hits and you’re on an island by yourself with all those “why me” questions, thoughts and feelings. You’re allowed to have them for a minute. But you’ve got to pull yourself out. We’ve got one life that’s getting shorter, and we’ve got to live it."

We love Kristin Chenoweth and she has got a few more words of wisdom in the full interview here

Chenoweth says she stays dedicated to her appointments, physical therapy (zoom!), and checks in with her doctor to give updates. Her chronic pain has made her adjustment her diet, stretches, and sleep. If you're on a health care journey, use the Trigger Tracker to track any changes in food, activities, and sleep to see what works for you; whether your goal is to get fit or to recover -- the Trigger Tracker Journal can be used to organize all the factors impacting your health all in one place.

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