Marie Claire | The High Price of Living With Chronic Pain

By Alice Oglethorpe from

Three women open up about how their conditions impact their bodies—and their wallets. You might never guess it, but chronic pain impacts 21.7 percent of women in the United States. We’re talking the spectrum of I don’t want to get out of bed to I can’t take it anymore—near-daily for months or longer. These are women you work with, see at the gym, pass going into the grocery store—maybe one of them is even you. And on top of the obvious physical and mental strain, chronic pain is literally costing them.

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To all of our chronic pain warriors out there, you are not alone. Getting to the diagnosis can be expensive. Once you're diagnosed -- also expensive.

A tip we always share: tracking your symptoms may help your doctor get to your diagnosis. Thats why we created the Symptoms Log; a journal where you can track all the things going on with your body -- so many things we think are un-related could be the key piece of information you forget to tell the doctor, or maybe don't recount it all exactly the same when you see the next doctor. The weather that day -- might matter. What you were doing before the symptom -- might matters. How you slept the night before -- might matters. 

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