KSL TV | Managing Pain Through Regular Exercise

By Aley Davis from KSL TV

“Getting an exercise program and walking and using the muscles can really help actually lower your chronic pain overall,” Dr. Jeremiah West [a pain management specialist] says, adding that it loosens stiff joints. “Then the synovial fluid, blood flow, everything increases, and you can have a lot more movement and the pain can decrease.”

West said endorphins, brought on by exercise, are a natural pain killer."

Watch the video here.
We know it may not always be that simple and for some conditions, walking can be a struggle. But if you can walk, it worth a try. If you can't, maybe try other options to get your body moving like cycling, swimming, arm circles... or even just standing. Track your activities and flare ups in your Trigger Tracker to see which ones help you feel better, feel more fatigue, or to track progress. How many steps did you take today, what is your goal for tomorrow or next week? Find those endorphins!

Honestly, we just want you to feel better so let us know if this tip works -- if not, stay tuned, we definitely have plenty more tips where that came from!

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