NBC Action News 5 | New technology helps patients fight chronic back pain

By Ivanhoe Broadcast News from wmcactionnews5.com

"There are seven million people who have severe sacroiliac, or SI joint pain, in America. Many cases are misdiagnosed since SI pain can mimic other conditions, like a herniated disc, or hip problem.

“Unfortunately, it’s been misdiagnosed in so many people for so long my average patient has had sacroiliac joint pain from anywhere from two years to 35 years,” explained Freeman.

Freeman says the telltale signs that SI joint problems could be to blame for back pain are: pain in the buttock area that gets worse with sitting but also worse going from sitting to standing, laying on the left side, and walking up steps.

A new procedure called Neurovascular Anticipating Distraction Interference Arthrodesis, or NADIA, inserts a device into the SI joint, which encourages bone to fuse to it, lessening the pain.

And hopefully, pain-free days ahead."

Calling all sleuths with back pain: check your Symptoms Log. Did you log pain in the buttocks? Did you track sitting time? Did you track laying on the left side? Is sitting -> standing a trigger? Is walking up steps a trigger? Here are tons of things to track in your Trigger Tracker. Some diagnosis are not curable, some diagnosis are wrong -- so we are happy to share this in case this is you! 

Watch the full news story here.

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