UCSF Health | Using a Medical Calendar and Symptom Log

by UCSF Health Patient Education 

"Over time, it's often difficult to remember what symptoms you've had during the last week or month. Take time at the end of each day or each week to reflect back on the symptoms you've had. You can use a calendar to track your symptoms. Simply record the date and the symptom you're feeling. Also make sure to record your medical appointments and tests, so that you can see possible trends."
Why UCSF Medical Specialist recommend you keep a symptoms tracker.

That's why we created The Symptoms Log and The Trigger Tracker Calendar! Most days, I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast. The journals are for tracking on the go, but I found it much easier to remember to track by keeping it open in my kitchen as a visual reminder.

Find the right health care journal for your needs.

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