• the symptoms log a beautifully designed high quality journal for tracking multiple symptoms
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The Symptoms Log Journal

The Symptoms Log is a health organizer for people with chronic pain or a mystery illness, looking to keep track of multiple symptoms to show these records to their doctor. The goal is to help the doctor view patterns, frequency, and progression.

The perfect gift for: 

  • cousin with multiple sclerosis
  • sister with lupus
  • aunt with arthritis 
  • friend recovering from spinal surgery
  • people investigating a mystery illness (fibromyalgia, lyme disease, crohns) 

Outer specs: 5.5in x 8.25in journal 

  • High level visualization for up to 12 symptoms
  • 144+ prompted pages for tracking any symptom when it happens

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Designed by a medical professional

140+ prompted worksheets to record details around any symptoms when they occurs. It asks you all the questions a nurse would ask (from their Pain Assessment scale) with an emphasis on how the symptom affects you personally.

Manage multiple symptoms

Pick up to 12 symptoms and highlight when they happen. Throughout the year, you’ll be putting together an accurate visual of the where and the when.

Tutorial Video | How it works


There's no way I would've even thought to record all of the information that each page of Symptoms Log asks me for. 


I am a retired physician tracking my own symptoms and triggers. People with chronic pain, skin conditions or gastrointestinal symptoms will find this item particularly useful.


The journal pages have great prompts that will help me track my health concerns.