The Trigger Tracker | A healthcare journal for tracking food sensitivity and flare ups

The Trigger Tracker is a health care journal that was made for people with food sensitivity, food intolerance, allergies, or any condition flare up to track possible triggers while they investigate their health. Originally designed for people with skin conditions like eczema but this method can work for people with a wide range of conditions from migraines to stomach pain.  

This health journal can also be used as a health organizer to track any personal wellness goals and key health indicators like diet and exercise, healthy habit tracking, and medical history. 


  • LEAD AN INVESTIGATION ON YOUR HEALTH: Using a four-pronged approach, this journal aims to help people with chronic symptoms figure out what might be triggering those symptoms to flare up
  • A METHODICAL APPROACH: a structured format to aid in your investigation, the journal asks you to measure the severity and compare it with your choice of factors, methodically exclude one suspected factor at a time and see if symptoms alleviate, and keep a weekly record to look back on circumstances that led up to a flare up
  • HOW IT WORKS: the Trigger Tracker Journal is broken into four sections: charting, tracking, exclusion testing, and weekly journaling of food and activities. The journal’s format teaches the practice of data collection and the scientific method.
  • THE POWER OF KEEPING A HEALTH JOURNAL: Created by people who grew up with eczema, we used this method to understand our triggers so we can keep our flare ups at bay.
  • TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH: Don’t go to the doctor empty handed, having records to show your doctor can help them help you